About The Cake Days

The Cake Days registered as a business back in April 2015 but the baking began long before that! Naomi has always baked and this hobby became a business once people began requesting more and more cakes. The Cake Days is now far more than just Naomi with the whole Cake Days family helping with everything from admin to social media and of course on our stalls where you will have seen all of us at some point no doubt! Scroll down to read about Naomi and her team!

Meet the Owner

Naomi Glendinning

My love for baking began back in high school in Year 7 when I made cupcakes in food technology. I learnt a recipe that I still use today... It's a well loved recipe that has done me proud and everyone loves the cupcakes as a result! The baking became more frequent in my University days when I would really fancy a cake so instead of buying them I made them. We made all kinds...cupcakes, sponge cakes, cookies, anything we could eat whilst watching TV (instead of doing uni work!) In 2013 I started making cakes for friends and family. I would do birthday cakes for free and make cakes for work. Then in 2014 I did a few fairs and events to start off with and finally registered as a business in 2015. Since then I have attended cake shows, entered (and won) cake competitions and supplied to other businesses. The Cake Days now supplies everything from cupcakes for a Saturday night in front of the TV to a wedding cake for your big day!


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The Cake Days Family

The Cake Days has a fantastic team made up of Naomi's family members. They help with everything from tasting the cakes to selling the cakes.


Mr Cake Days

Craig is Naomi's partner in crime and everything else in life. He works in IT so he is responsible for making sure the website is running at all times. He sometimes pops up on the stall and quite often does the cake deliveries with Naomi.

Favourite Cake Days items:
Victoria Sponge Cake and Carrot Cake


Sister Cake Days

Helga is Naomi's big sister and is the person you see most on the stalls with Naomi. She loves being on the stall and meeting all our customers...old and new! Helga is also an admin on the Facebook page so make sure you say hi!

Favourite Cake Days items:
Flapjacks and Choc Orange Fudge


Mama Cake Days

Mandy is Naomi's mad mother who you will see on the stall from time to time. Mandy didn't teach Naomi to bake but she does love cake as much as Naomi... possibly more!! She's always after the leftovers and is also an admin on the Facebook page.

Favourite Cake Days items:
Coffee and Walnut Cake and Chocolate Brownie


Papa Cake Days

Jimmy is Naomi's father. He's a loveable rogue and definitely has not grown up yet! He loves cake as much as Naomi and Mandy and he'll always tell you... once you try these cakes you'll never eat elsewhere!

Favourite Cake Days items:
Very Berry Cupcake and Mint Aero Cupcake


Cake Days Next Generation

The next generation of The Cake Days is already learning the trade. Nicola is Naomi's niece, often appears on the stalls and takes a lot of our photos for us. She also helps with the baking now!

Favourite Cake Days items:
Toffee Fudge Cupcake and Coffee and Walnut Cake

Pete and James

Other Cake Days Members

Pete: Naomi's brother in law who is an avid lover of anything that she bakes especially with White Chocolate or Peanut Butter.

James: Naomi's young nephew who's first words included CAKE and who spits out supermarket cake (Clearly used to the good stuff!)

Orders Fulfilled
Events Attended

I ordered a Unicorn cake for my daughter's 18th birthday. From the very start, everything was so professional. We asked for plain sponge, buttercream and no jam. The cake was delivered as promised the day before the birthday and looked absolutely amazing. My daughter loved the look and, more importantly, the taste! I'd love to say it stayed fresh for weeks - I'm sure it would have done - but in all honesty, it tasted that good it was eaten very quickly. Highly recommended!
Thank you The Cake Days

Amanda Davies
January 2017

I ordered a wedding cake with cupcakes from Naomi and I couldn't recommend her enough. The cakes were delicious (there were fights over the vanilla ones in particular) Naomi was wonderful for including a personal box of cupcakes for us to take home to make sure we got to taste them. Wish I could rate her higher!

Hannah Watson
May 2017

I had less than a week to organise a christening and the cake days managed to squeeze me in. We had beautiful cupcakes that all the guests commented on.
Thank you so much for doing such a fab job at such short notice

Kelly Silverlock
August 2017